The advent of genomics technologies such as whole genome sequencing, microarray-based expression analysis, proteomics and others has led to a veritable data deluge - never before have biologist had so much data to analyze!

     The need for efficient data analysis has spawned the field of bioinformatics. We develop and use computational tools to answer biological questions in the fields of:



Current laboratory projects are described in detail on the "Projects" page and include:

     - Functional analysis of maize centromeres
     - Papaya BAC end sequencing and analysis
     - Phylogenetic profiling of Arabidopsis
     - Identification of Plant Pathogens


    Substantial computing facilities are available in our laboratory. In addition, we have access to the computational resources at the University of Hawaii High Performance Computing Center.       

    A completely equipped modern laboratory enables us to follow up bioinformatically derived leads with wetlab experiments.

Employment Opportunities

     We are always looking to add highly motivated, creative and talented individuals to our group at all levels. Prospective laboratory members should inquire about open positions by emailing a cover letter addressing their area of interest and a resume containing relevant work experience and education.


     We are grateful for current and previous support from the National Science Foundation, United States Department of Agriculture and the University of Hawaii High Performance Computing Center.