Current Members

Presting Lab Members 2009-11-20
From left to right: Grace, Kevin, Ronghui, Gernot, Anupma, Megan, Thomas, and Norman

Thomas Wolfgruber (2004 - ) PhD. Dissertation subject: Fine-scale physical mapping of centromeres and characterization of centromeric satellite repeats in Zea mays.

Anumpa Sharma (2005 - ) PhD. Dissertation subject: Genetic mapping of centromeres and characterization of centromeric retrotransposons in Zea mays.

Kevin Schneider (2005 - ) PhD. Dissertation subject: Bacterial DNA barcodes and horizontal gene transfer

Norman Wang (2006 - ) PhD. Dissertation subject: Covariation analysis of amino acids in protein evolution

Megan Nakashima (2007 - ) MS. Thesis subject: Evolution of satellite DNA

Ronghui Xu (2008 - ) Research area: Corn genome evolution

Grace Kwan (2009 - ) MS. Thesis subject: Bacterial genome evolution
                        (2008)     iGEM: Cyanobacterial toolkit


Aren Ewing (2003 - 2008) MS. Dissertation subject: Phylogenomic profiling of plant genes.

Moriah Eustice (2004 - 2006) MS. Thesis subject: Development of Carica papaya L. simple sequence repeats.

Chun Wan Jeffrey Lai (2005 - 2006) MS. Thesis subject: Analysis of Carica papaya L. BAC-end sequences.

Jamie Allison (2007 - 2009) Research area: Plant DNA barcoding

Margaret Ruzicka (2008) iGEM: Cyanobacterial toolkit

Krystle Salazar (2008) iGEM: Cyanobacterial toolkit