Two Postdoctoral Positions Available

Two Postdoctoral Scientist positions
are available at the University of Hawaii (
for the duration of two years starting immediately.


1.) Genomics/bioinformatics position to study the sequence composition of corn centromeres. The ongoing public maize genome sequencing effort, in combination with novel techniques including massively parallel sequencing methods and chromatin immunoprecipitation, makes this an auspicious time to study the centromeres of corn. The ideal candidate will possess a thorough understanding of plant genomes and genomics, including the principles of physical and genetic mapping techniques, have working experience with large scale bioinformatic analyses and possess excellent oral and written communication skills.

2.) Cell biology position to study the role of centromeric sequences in centromere function. The ideal candidate will have experience in fluorescence microscopy as well as in protein and nucleic acid techniques, including RNA isolation, DNA/RNA-protein binding assays, Western blotting and immunological techniques. Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential.

Both positions come with a monthly stipend of at least $3,000. Please apply in writing by submitting curriculum vitae and the names, addresses, email and phone numbers of three references to: Gernot Presting, Dept. of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, 1955 East-West Rd, Agricultural Science Bldg. Rm 218, Honolulu, HI 96822; Email: Women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, members of minority groups and veterans are encouraged to apply.