BIOL 406 Cellular Biology (3 credits)
Cell structure and function. Structure, chemistry and functions of organelles and macromolecules. Pre: BIOL 275, CHEM 273; or consent.

MBBE 483 Introduction to Bioinformatics Topics for Biologists (3 credits)
Focuses on the use of computational tools and approaches to analyze the enormous amount of biological data (DNA, RNA, protein) available today. A-F only. Pre: BIOL 171 (or equivalent), or consent. (Once a year) (Cross-listed as BIOL 483)

MBBE 610 Molecular Biology and Biotechnolgy Seminar (1 credit)
Study and discussion of significant topics and problems in plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology.

MBBE 683 Advanced Bioinformatics Topics for Biologists (4 credits)
Teaches problem-solving with bioinformatic tools. Real-world problems will be provided and worked out, students encouraged to provide their own research problem where they require assistance. Graduate student must work on genomics research project requiring bioinformatic analysis, working knowledge of UNIX OS, Perl, Java or C. A-F only. Pre: ICS 471 and ICS 491 and ICS 691 (or equivalent), or consent. (Alt. years)